A British couple has tied the knot underwater in Centara Grand Resort and Spa in Alif Dhaal Atoll Machahfushi.

Haveeru Online – Operations manager of the resort operated by a Thai company said the symbolic wedding of the British couple was held underwater near the reef of the island on October 24.

underwaterwedding“This is the first wedding held in our new underwater wedding package. The ceremony was held near the reef of Centara. Our first attempt was highly successful,” Shan said.

According to Shan, the ceremony will attract more couples to the Maldives.

“The wedded couple, Chris and Janet was very pleased. They said the arrangements were excellent. To promote our new package, we held the ceremony for them at a very low price,” Shan said.

“Lots of honeymooners come to this resort. So we hope that the new underwater wedding package will attract more couples.2

Shan said this was the first underwater wedding in Maldives.

“Before we introduced the package we determined whether it was done before in Maldives. We found out that another resort had held a rather ordinary underwater ceremony before us. But a ceremony in this scale has not been held before,” Shan said.

The resort said the event has already attracted more offers for the underwater wedding ceremony.

“After the ceremony, another tourist has requested for the package. So we’re now looking at specializing the package to the Asia market,” Shan said.

Shan assured that the set up for the ceremony would not harm the reef in any way as mostly locals were used to set up the wedding.

“Only one foreigner works at the diving school of this resort. All others are Maldivians.”