Maldives on course to reach 1 million tourists

Nine months into the year, Maldives is on course to reach the one million tourist mark in a calendar year.

tourist_arrvTourism authorities had set the same target last year, but fell just short of the mark with 958,027 tourist arrivals by the end of last year.

Tourism ministry statistics publicized Thursday showed that 818,183 tourists had arrived in the Maldives by September.

With the upcoming tourism season, authorities estimate around 90,000 tourists will arrive in the Maldives on average.

If the estimate turns out to be accurate, the country would easily hit the one million target in the coming month or two.

In September alone, 92,206 tourists visited the Maldives which is a 20 percent increase from last year.

Due to the issues faced in obtaining information from the new border control system, the statistics for October have not been publicized yet.

Tourism Minister Ahmed Adeeb believes that Maldives has the best chance of reaching the target this year than any other.